Thanks to the Underground Monster Carnival and OKC Edge!

Saturday was a fun day with some great people and at an incredible event in Oklahoma City. The air buzzed with people having a good time.  Our booth was visited by great people, other local artists and authors, and had many opportunities to meet new people.  I met several new authors on a panel on "The Writer's Mind' sponsored by the OKC Edge.  These included: Scott Cosby, Tommy B. Smith, Adrean Messmer, Don Rosencrans. Hosted by Will Harrison.   Author friends Steven Wedel and Dennis McDonald were also on hand.
Will Harrison (standing) of OKC Edge serves as MC to the writer's panel at the UMC, left to right: Marilyn A. Hudson, Scott Cosby, Adrean Messmer, Tommy B. Smith and Don Rosencrans.  Photo by OKC Edge.

Smiling and graceful Ribbon Dancer brought moments of color!

Lovely Steampunk Ladies added elegant fun!

An epic battle or two broke out. This one may have ended in a draw between Godzilla and Miss Tardis

Artwork skull by Cullan Hudson

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