Authors Team Up in Creative Way

 Elephant Hips Are Expensive: Based on True Events
Authored by Marilyn A. Hudson, Illustrated by Molly Lemmons
List Price: $12.50
5.5" x 8.5" (13.97 x 21.59 cm)
Black & White on White paper
60 pages
Whorl Books
ISBN-13: 978-0692300466 (Custom)
ISBN-10: 0692300465
BISAC: Juvenile Fiction / Historical / United States / 20th Century
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Now available in Kindle.
In 1949, children across Oklahoma raced to see who could donate the most money to bring a new elephant to the Lincoln Park Zoo. Nine-year-old David, seven-year-old sister Molly and their friends are determined to help make it happen despite a troublesome bully. Story inspired by a real Oklahoma event.
Bonus extras includes activities in writing, art, research and play to make it useful for a wide range of children.  Also, included are coloring sheets for each of the characters, 


Unexpected Errors

Oklahoma authors Hudson and Lemmons teamed up to reissue a popular title, first appearing in 2005.  The story is one popular with people of all ages since so many children participated in the original event and can't wait to share memories with children and grandchildren. In addition, elephants are one of the most popular animals in any animal sanctuary or zoological program. There is an almost instant kinship with the marvelous animals that keeps people coming back.
Readers had good things to say about the story:
"An inspiring read." Megan Miles Alba, Educator
"A Must have for any library collection on Oklahoma."  Rosemary Czarski, Librarian
"A fun read for all ages." Bonnie Smith, Educator
Lemmons added the whimsical illustrations with delight because she was one of those plucky "Judy's Kids" who raised money for Judy the elephant!  The authors hope to build a program around the events and visit libraries and schools in the state in 2015.

Whorl Books will make the work available in early fall of 2014.


New Novel Coming Soon

Norman author Marilyn A. Hudson announces the soon to be published novel "Foul Harvest."  A serial killer and a girl from the streets are on a collision course.  What happens when a killer who has lost all respect for human life confronts a girl who has nothing left to loose?  The work is due out mid-fall from Whorl Books.
"Haunting" and "Insightful" say readers.

"Scream if you must" because "no one is coming to your rescue."

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