The Mound (Currently in Print)

When a group of strangers converge on an old hotel in a sleepy eastern Oklahoma town to investigate its haunted reputation, no one is prepared for the terror they are about to face.

Matt Wolf busies himself with the renovation of the abandoned Montford Arms Hotel in the small Eastern Oklahoma settlement of Corvus Mound, unaware of his ancient legacy and strange destiny.

Dr. Karen Houston is perplexed by the incongruous find she discovers while excavating the ancient native mounds nearby. She does not yet know that it is inextricably linked to her strange and frightening dreams.

Psychic Shade Hoffmeyer will need every reserve of insight and intuition to fathom meaning from the bizarre visions leading her to a terror that will challenge her spirit as much as her mind.

These three must understand the forces that have drawn them together in order to fight back the ancient evil awakening within THE MOUND.

Watch for the exciting sequel in 2016!

The Sword of Anath (Current; New 2015)
A sharp edged tale that visits a time before the legends of antiquity formed as men and women who would one day be termed 'gods' walked the earth. Anath is the child of a mysterious woman - with otherworldly skills - who one day walked out of the desert.  As Anath seeks to learn  her heritage, a dark force seeks to control and destroy all she holds dear.  How much difference can one woman make?

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