True Crime Work

Into Oblivion: Murders, Missing Persons and Mysteries by Marilyn A. Hudson explores the world of the mid-century and how some people  took a wrong turn on a road of lingering questions.
In this book Hudson gives a sweeping overview of some of the dastardly things people were doing to each other in the 1930's- 1960's in average and normal America. Then she gives some deeper looks into the lives of several victims whose cases are still unsolved. Finally, she offers a tantalizing theory that connects previously forgotten crimes with other unsolved murders in hopes authorities will decide to look a little deeper and cast their net a little wider. For, as she notes, "there is no statue of limitations on finding the truth."
Look for it coming soon.


New Novel By Norman Author Set for Spring Release

Norman based author Marilyn A. Hudson and Whorl Books announce the publication of her latest work for April.  

Scream all you want. No one is coming to your rescue.

Her luck has always been bad, her decisions worse, and the 'American Dream' is her nightmare. 
He is the envy of many, wants for nothing, and makes it all look so easy.
They are about to meet and one of them will pay the ultimate price.

There are among us dark souls planting seeds of evil in fields most of us don't even care to venture.
In the shadows, along the borders of our civilized world, they reap from the flesh of the lost a foul harvest.

But some things grow tougher in the shadows.  Sometimes they fight back.
See what the preview readers had to say:
"I felt it was very well written. With a lot of cliffhanges that kept you just so intrigued. You never really knew what was around the next corner. Loved the book - now waiting for the movie. "-- Lorene Young, Case Management Assistant

"This is a great read, the manner in which you build fear and delusion in the characters made me wonder if the main character was in danger or just loosing her mind. Good build up of suspense." --Dustin Allen Smith, Mental Health Clinician

Coming soon to Amazon and select outlets.


Thanks to the Underground Monster Carnival and OKC Edge!

Saturday was a fun day with some great people and at an incredible event in Oklahoma City. The air buzzed with people having a good time.  Our booth was visited by great people, other local artists and authors, and had many opportunities to meet new people.  I met several new authors on a panel on "The Writer's Mind' sponsored by the OKC Edge.  These included: Scott Cosby, Tommy B. Smith, Adrean Messmer, Don Rosencrans. Hosted by Will Harrison.   Author friends Steven Wedel and Dennis McDonald were also on hand.
Will Harrison (standing) of OKC Edge serves as MC to the writer's panel at the UMC, left to right: Marilyn A. Hudson, Scott Cosby, Adrean Messmer, Tommy B. Smith and Don Rosencrans.  Photo by OKC Edge.

Smiling and graceful Ribbon Dancer brought moments of color!

Lovely Steampunk Ladies added elegant fun!

An epic battle or two broke out. This one may have ended in a draw between Godzilla and Miss Tardis

Artwork skull by Cullan Hudson


Out and About

March 7, 2015, author Marilyn A. Hudson and Cullan Hudson will host a booth at the Underground Monster Carnival at the State Fairgrounds in Oklahoma City.   Marilyn A. Hudson will be part of an author panel as well.    Copies of the new fantasy novel, The Sword of Anath will be on hand.
In October, Marilyn A. Hudson will have a table and will be part of the program at the Paracon in Guthrie, Oklahoma. She will talk about writing.


A Delightful Surprise

Stepping into a gift shop and seeing your books for sale!
Oklahoma author Marilyn A.Hudson

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