What readers have to say:

The Mound:
"I found THE MOUND at SOUTHERN OAKS LIBRARY two days ago. I was glued to it to the very last word in the epilogue!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT a great book!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope to find another..."
"The book started out fast and the pace never let up."
"One awesome book..."
"I love the characters...."
"I was not expecting this....truly a pleasant surprise."
"Thrill! Ride!"
"...an awesome book."  Chris
"...pulled me in right away." Jeremy
"My new favorite horror book..." Autumn
" Unique female characters, strong and interesting..."  Ann

The Bones of Summer (story collection):
"Just finished the book, The Bones of Summer, and had to write. Some of the stories were deeply creepy- lots of those chills as promised - but some were moving. Weird, I know, but they were so real and the emotion .... like the one about the old woman who haunts her long burned down house and the one about the son everyone had thought had just run off... "The Bones of Summer" is a great story and I remember those kind of summers....oh, and I loved the "Fungus" and laughed all the way through it!....Judy"

"Marilyn uses a darkly poetic writing style to create atmospheric character-driven stories. The result: chills and a need to read the next." Keith Pyeatt, award winning author of Struck and Dark Knowledge.

"[She] has a way of captivating your senses and making you feel the emotions of her characters. The Bones of Summer demands your attention and leave you wanting more." Terri French White, author of Tulsa's Haunted Memories.

“Those Pesky Verses of Paul”:
“In an era where Bible interpreters, commentators, and theologians emphasize the anthropological aspects of the vital contributions of women to Christianity and the New Testament, Mrs. Hudson places the emphasis of exegetical enterprise where it belongs…in the arena of proper and correct Christology.” Ken L. Young, Associate Professor of Bible and Theology

“Marilyn Hudson provides more than an eye-catching title; in this work she delivers corrective to misnomers concerning the biblical portrait of women. Her conclusion that Jesus inaugurated an elevation of women to their proper distinction, and that Paul echoed that practice in the Church, desperately needs to be resounded in our day. With her stroke of a pen and sharp grasp of scripture, history and gender differences, this writer compels both men and women to re-examine ancient texts and contemporary interpretations in a quest to arrive at the truth.” Dr. Terry Tramel, Dean

“Marilyn provides much needed balance in her examination of those “pesky” verses. Finally, a woman looks at the scriptures, sees the truth, and communicates it!” – Anna Storm, Renaissance Fire Alliance

“Mrs. Hudson's work explores a subject that has plagued the Christian world for centuries. What role, if any, should women play in the ever-unfolding drama of the church? Rarely has there been unity of thought in this "arena." Her work is informative, innovative and intriguing. It states clearly and succinctly the examples from the scriptures that have been argued many times. She writes to declare truth rather than to "prove a point" or "make a case." Bound by neither time nor culture, she makes her presentation in perspective of both in order that the reader understands more clearly, what the doctrinal precedent is. Christ brought liberty to the captive--even the captive of culture.” – C. Iaquinta, Certified Counselor and Educator
“Marilyn is…a skilled writer and storyteller…It’s so refreshing to have a balanced view of the role of women in the Bible – especially one that is written by a woman!" – Megan Miles

Noel Brooks: A  Life Shining and Burning:

Professor Kenneth Young, instructor of Bible and Theology at Southwestern Christian University comments: "...Finished reading "Noel Brooks: A Light Shining and Burning" .... Excellent introduction to the life, thought, and struggles of this great pastor, educator, and writer. Buy one; read it; glean from it; enjoy it."
"I was deeply touched by your work on Noel Brooks as you captured his spirit, his challenges and his legacy."  - Bishop Ron Carpenter Sr.

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